THE IMPORTANCE OF A POWER OF ATTORNEY AT ANY AGE by Board Certified Elder Law Attorney Amanda Owens


Jan 24, 2024

Did you know that a Power of Attorney (POA) is a smart move at any stage of life?

Here’s why this legal heavy hitter is a powerful tool for everyone, no matter age:

(1) Preparedness: Life is unpredictable. A POA ensures that someone you trust can make decisions on your behalf in case of unexpected illness or accident.

(2) Financial Management: Even in your prime, unforeseen circumstances can arise. A POA can be your safety net to grant someone authority to handle financial matters, pay bills, and manage assets if you are unable to do so.

(3) Business and Legal Transactions: Whether you are just starting a career or are a seasoned entrepreneur, a POA can ensure you have someone to represent you in business and legal matters when you need it the most.

(4) Aging in Peace: Take a proactive step for smooth decision-making transitions in the future.

(5) Maintain Control: Choosing your agent now actually allows you more control over who makes decisions on your behalf.

(6) Avoid Messy Complications: Without a POA, your loved ones, EVEN YOUR SPOUSE, might face legal challenges to act on your behalf.

Don’t Wait! Secure your peace of mind and maintain control over your future. Whether you are 25 or 75, a Power of Attorney is a valuable asset.