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White & Allen’s condemnation / eminent domain attorneys protect the property rights of individuals and businesses affected by governmental and utility land takings throughout North Carolina. The firm accepts cases from a diverse mix of clients — from large companies to farmers, families, and tenants, anyone who may be threatened by a condemning authority in the exercise of its eminent domain power.

We assist clients during all stages of the eminent domain process.

  • The design phase, when we review the project plans to identify impacts and negotiate plan changes when appropriate;
  • The appraisal phase, when we engage in discussions with the condemning authority’s appraiser to ensure the client’s concerns about the project’s impacts are evaluated;
  • The negotiation phase, when we review the condemning authority’s offer and advise our client on appropriate counteroffers; and,
  • The litigation phase, when we work to ensure our client’s Constitutional right to just compensation is fulfilled through a settlement or a trial.

Retaining our condemnation team means that you are retaining a firm with experience not only in condemnation cases, but also in zoning, transactional, and estate planning matters, meaning that you receive all the legal advice you need. Additionally, we work closely with the tax planning professional of a client’s choosing to provide guidance to clients seeking to defer federal tax liability through a 1033 exchange or other mechanism.

White & Allen’s experience also includes litigating cases arising out of inverse condemnation actions, easements claimed by natural gas pipeline providers before the clerk of court and at the trial court level, and other utility takings.

Our objective is to handle eminent domain matters as efficiently and effectively as possible so our clients obtain the best possible outcome. If you would like to discuss a condemning authority’s project and its effects on your property, we would be glad to meet with you at our offices or at your property for a free consultation to help you better understand the condemnation process, your rights and your case.

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