White & Allen, PA Offers Free Wi-Fi to Students


Oct 12, 2020

COVID-19 has created challenges for everyone, especially students. Unfortunately, about twenty percent of students in Lenoir County do not have a reliable connection to the internet at home. In an effort to assist those students during this pandemic, White & Allen is offering free public Wi-Fi access for students to support their remote learning needs.

Through a program began by Lenoir County Public Schools, White & Allen is currently providing a “park-and-learn” opportunity outside of its Kinston office, located at 106 S. McLewean Street, near the Lenoir County Courthouse. Students and their parents may park in the public parking lot at the corner of McLewean and King Streets, beside White & Allen’s Kinston office, and access free, high-speed internet from their vehicle. Students will be able to upload completed assignments, view recorded lessons, and download future assignments using this free Wi-Fi connection. White & Allen is committed to our community and is pleased to offer reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity to students in need during this unprecedented time. The Wi-Fi signal name is “White and Allen Free WiFi” and will be available throughout the day. To promote a safe and efficient use of this free service, Wi-Fi users are encouraged to follow all guidelines concerning social distancing and to limit their use of the Wi-Fi to school-related matters so that all can receive a fast and reliable connection.